Coex Brasil – Advisory for Importation and Exportation – São Paulo SP


Waldorf is a German company that produces excellent quality synthesizers for the musical sector for more than 30 years.

Their products are well known on the musical instruments market and is classified as the most famous German manufacturer due to their breakthrough innovations.

They are also known for being the holder of the development of the PPG Synthesizers with their exclusive technology.

Several musical studios professionals and semiprofessionals worldwide uses regularly Waldorf brand equipments, due to their quality and excellent harmonical sound. Additionally, several musicians and famous producers also uses Waldorf frequently, due to their beautiful sound aesthetics.

Therefore, the exclusive Waldorf technology may be found on several reowned competitors, including Digidesign Inc. (USA), Terratec (Germany), TC Works Soft-und Hardware (Germany), as well as one of the world leader in audio sequencer softwares: Steinberg Media Technologies AG (Germany).

Waldorf is present in 44 countries and nowadays, it has developed and exclusive commercial representants in LATAM territories and is looking for partners for distribution.

COEX Brasil has been choosen as the exclusive representative for South American territories, being granted the responsibility to choose distributors, keep track of the evolution of sales, manage the imports logistics and participate of business fairs in the region.