Advisory Services for Importation and Exportation Logistics

COEX Brasil provides advisory services on import and exports operations, we also provide logistical support and several other solutions for international agencies and companies on LATAM territories.

Our prime objective is stimulate the communication among companies and institutions in order to promote the international commerce and investment. With our knowledge and experience, we can boost your company business to prosper using our network contacts.

We focus on advisory services on imports and exports, working with client national documents or with our own COEX documentation, allowing international companies to skip bureaucratical process. Our company target audience is every company who perceive the interest to deal with import and export operations or wish to outsource their foreign trade department.

During the advisory process, we search the best solutions for your company and your workflow. We can help you with these kinds of solutions:


Responsible for elaborating the logistics and financial work during exports and imports. Accompany sales and brand evolution.


Importation happens when a company or physical person buys products or services from other countries, whereas self-consume or commercial reasons.


An Exportation of goods is a process on which companies send manufactured products to other countries, seeking expanding their businesses.