Commercial Management

Our focus: Advisory, Execution, Follow-up, Approach, Visits, Management of Present Business Representants and New Contracts along with attendance in business fairs.

Objective:  Increase sales volume.
Visit active clients looking for new opportunities, renew with inactive clients and prospect new clients and business.

International Services and Network:

These are provided for international business committees and business desiring to be annexed on South American and Brazilian markets. The services include investigation, identification and contact matchmaking, meeting scheduling, identification of suppliers, buyers and business seminars.

Business Forums and Investment Seminars:

COEX services include the development of marketing databases; event promotion via directed invites, advertisement and public relation; answer management; event logistics (local call, audiovisual services, translation and management of on-site event).

Market Research and Contact Identification:

COEX offers research services to local and foreign clients among various sectors of the industry. These include production and commercial statistics, product viability to national and international market, distribution channels, identification and approachment of majoritary contacts.

Management and Marketing on Expositions:

Advisory and services of management, including exposition and stand construction and design, campaign promotion, exposition logistics (local of callings, audiovisual registry, security, cleaning, photography, filming and etc.) and management of events on local. COEX is able to organize individual expositions on each country, as well of attending specific fairs of existing sectors on South America and Brazil.

Media and Public Relations:

COEX helps national and foreign clients to grown with their relationships on South America and Brazil. The Advisory and Services include the development of media lists, preparation and distribution of press communicates and social media activation.

R&D (Research and Development)

  • Commercial Viability spread sheet of imports and exports price calculation.
  • Identification of potential buyers and national and international suppliers.
  • Preparation of catalog and technical sheet in multiple languages.
  • International and national business prospection.
  • Price evaluation of imports and exports x competitors.
  • Customs Information for viability of imports and distribution on national market.
  • Customs Information for viability of exports.
  • Financial Evaluation of international and national companies.