Coex Brasil – Advisory for Importation and Exportation – São Paulo SP

Coex Brasil – Advisory for Importation and Exportation – São Paulo SP

Assessoria para Importação, Exportação e Logística - São Paulo SP
What we do

We are pioneers in importing and exporting

Managing the logistics, exporting and importing for companies and multinationals.


Responsible for elaborating the logistics and financial work during exports and imports. Accompany sales and brand evolution.


Importation happens when a company or physical person buys products or services from other countries, whereas self-consume or commercial reasons.


An Exportation of goods is a process on which companies send manufactured products to other countries, seeking expanding their businesses.
How we Act

Our acting on market

We operate today in the most diverse sectors, such as: Automotive, Musical, Institutional Cleaning, Agricultural, Industrial, Construction, among others.

Brand & Patent and International Legal Advisory

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Musical Instruments

Stands for Keyboard, Electronical Pianos, Synthetizers, Percussion, Chord Instruments and Several Accessories.

Aluminium Die-Casting

We can help you produce parts for the automotive, lighting, civil construction, white goods, electronics, agricultural and other sectors.

Grains and Spices

We assist in the process of industrialization, marketing and export of your grains to the foreign market, increasing the flow of sales

Automotive Sector / Construction

We assist in the import and export of goods, including concrete mixers, cranes, silos and concrete plants

Commercial Cleaning Products

Its products are ideal for applications in commercial establishments or for residential use.
About Us

We are COEX Brasil,
a trading / commercial exporter since 1998

We seek for surpassing today the challenges of tomorrow.
Constantemente nos atualizando e investindo na capacitação em diversos cursos na área do COMEX, sempre buscando inovação, solidez e eficiência de nossos serviços.

We are a traditional commercial exporter (Trading Company) acting in the field since 1998 being an extension on Foreign Trade Department in several companies alongside the global commerce.

We offer customized solutions such as:

  Operations of Indirect Imports and Exports
  Projects that include financial intelligence, taxes and logistics solutions.
  We built sustainable bridges between client x supplier and vice-versa
  Adequate product nationalization, following each characteristics of the product and the business

Our Multimodal

How we import and export

We are a trading / commercial exporter since 1998.







Our Partners

They are the ones who trust on COEX Brasil

We manage, plan, control the commercial activities, and identify the business possibilities for the client’s manufactured products.

Our Blog

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