Coex offers the best on importation, exportation and logistics to your business

We manufacture aluminum keyboard stands, percussion instruments for the musical industry and sanitary equipment (paper and soap dispensers), and liquid soap for pharmacies, supermarkets, etc.

We offer Aluminum Die Casting Services for automotive, agricultural, energy, industrial gas and street lighting sectors.

We Offer Contacts and International Services for companies looking to enter South American markets.

Located in Brazil, COEX is an expert of trade statistics, distribution channels, duty structures, as well as addressing barriers to entry and industry challenges.

We help get your name out there with marketing database development services, event promotion, advertising and services, event logistics including full exhibit manufacturing facilities and event management.

Coex places great emphasis in the company values:




To promote the national and international Market in order to trade goods and products, by means of the globalization as a way to trade such products to consumers.

To explore the potential of national and foreigen territories commercially, by importing and exporting all kinds of products.

Known internally as values ​​“A.C.E.S”, we are based on Agility, Mutual Collaboration, Business Efficiency and Operational Safety.





For us, time is essential, and we guarantee that your operations are carried out respecting deadlines in the shortest possible time, bringing results with agile solutions that prioritize your time.

For every business to thrive, collaboration is necessary and we believe that mutual collaboration between partners is essential for long and prosperous relationships to occur. We value the collaboration of our team, partners, suppliers and our networking, to create a lasting and growing relationship for each type of business.

For any trade, efficient thinking is necessary, which means taking actions that bring positive results in an intelligent and advantageous way. With this attitude, we will bring solutions, proposals and opportunities that will expand your business exponentially.

Our main guarantee is that the entire operation occurs safely, with minimal risks and prioritizing that your goods have the ideal logistics, avoiding risks and performing strategically in order to your products reach the destiny securely, regardless the defined way.

Coex Brasil can help you expand your businesses to exporting / importing, providing efficient solutions and customized according to the necessities and expectancies of the commercial sector.