Coex Brasil – Advisory for Importation and Exportation – São Paulo SP

STAY Die-Casting

During the path of COEX Brasil, we encountered Metallurgy Stay (Also known as Fundstay), a traditional company located on São Paulo, with an outstanding know-how and more than 50 years of existence. 

The Company acts with several production methodologies, including Lean Manufacturing, which aims to eliminate wastage and increase productivity.

With the partnership STAY and COEX Brazil, we can help you to produce equipment for several industry sectors, including automobiles, illumination, civil construction, electrical appliances, electronics, agropecuary, and several other companies that use aluminum based structuries as an input.

With the successful partnership of STAY and COEX and their excellent quality of production, it began to create a new line of products, called STAY Music, focusing on Research and Development of musical equipments.