Coex Brasil – Advisory for Importation and Exportation – São Paulo SP


Dexibell borns from the necessity of creating the most fidel musical products to the highest expectatives from musicians.

The company surges with creative energy that is fed by expertise, talent and experience from the best and acclaimed Italian designers and engineers.

‘Inovation, Tradition and Passion’

This motto boosts the philosophy of craftsmanship of the old world with the technology of the new world, in order to create a reborn of digital musical instruments. The heart of a classical instrument fed by the modern technological innovation, such as the use of an electronical brain named CORTEX-Quadcore.

As such, our digital pianos VIVO, we reproduce the sweet notes of the favorite Chopin piano, a grand piano of the romanticism era of 1850; or with the digital organ CLASSICO we find a tonal quality never reached before on reproducing classical organ sounds; and on the digital organ COMBO, we find a vintage tonewheel and a transistor with the revolutionary draw-fader technology hands-free motorized.

Quick and exciting development on technology allows us to reach musical heights once never imagined. Our mission is to develop and use this technology to allow innovation, tradition and music to play harmonically.

COEX Brasil has been choosen as the exclusive representative for Brazilian territories, being granted the responsibility to choose distributors, keep track of the evolution of sales, manage the imports logistics and participate of business fairs in the region.